Bubbly Tuesday!

dress: forever21, cardigan: Nordstrom belt: boutique

Happy Bubbly Tuesday my friends! Like the wall behind me? I LOVE it! haha The word LOVE has been coming up a lot in my life lately.  What do you love or not love? How do you know if you love something or someone? When do you know if you love something instead of just liking it.  For example;  I LOVE pink, and I used to LOVE Gossip Girl until last nights episode.  But I am not sure if I LOVE where I live, or if I LOVE the new coral shorts I bought this past weekend.  Or how do you know how many times you have been in love? Gosh, there just seems to be so many variables that go for just one word.  LOVE I think is something you get excited for when you see it (my new pink nails) or that gives you butterflies in a way you can't stop smiling (Chuck Bass...in my dreams), or the fact that is absolutely changes your life unexpectedly and you dont know how to handle it at that very time. So tell me today, what are you loving? 

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