Bubbly Tuesday......GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!

Happy Bubbly Tuesday!!!

In honor of reaching 400 followers last week I promised you all a giveaway and today you have it!! I am so excited, you will be receiving not one but TWO giveaway prizes.

Take a look!!!

 I have Elyse from the Etsy shop Dainty Hippo who has the most fabulous fabric flowers and bags you have ever seen!! She is offering a $15 dollar credit towards her shop, AWESOME!!! Here is a little bit about Elyse and how she started her shop.

"I graduated from college about 2 years ago from a school in New England and moved back to Oregon to help my family deal with some tough times. I've spent the majority of my time here doing full-time volunteer work. During my free time, I run the daintyhippo shop on Etsy--it's been a great creative outlet for me to bring to fruition all the things buzzing around in my head.
I love to create beautiful additions to brighten peoples' lives. I began making simple bags using fun fabrics--makeup, toiletry, supply bags that so many of us need to organize all the little things in our lives...why shouldn't they have fun patterns and colors to reflect our personalities? I then added fabric flowers to my brand. I love finding bright colors and experimenting with new shapes and sizes. I wear flowers in my hair or on my clothes constantly, so it's an integral part of my style.
About 9 months ago, I saw a big box of battered books that were destined to go to the local incinerator. The bindings and/or covers were ripped or broken, but the pages inside were still beautiful and I wanted to give them a new life. From that experience, the paper line at daintyhippo was born. The vintage paper flowers, wreaths, coasters etc. have definitely been the most popular items in my shop. I love how unusual they are and that I'm able to save the books from being thrown away. I've made a bunch of flowers for weddings and parties, as well as personal accessories and home decor. I've also started using maps to make the same items as well. Maps are great because I've been able to create customized orders from specific geographic locations.
I find a lot of patterns in the real world I want to replicate somehow with unexpected objects. Or like typical home items made with unexpected parts. Example--right now I'm stuck on this idea of making a coat rack with round antique doorknobs as hangers instead of hooks. I love using bold and bright colors and patterns in my fabric items. I love giving new life to old items."

wait its not over yet,  I have another one for you too.........

Katelyn from the fabulous blog Domestic Charm is giving away 50 yards of twine and 25 of her fabulous colored straws.  Take a look,  I am pretty much obsessed!!!


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3. be a follower of Domestic Charm

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