Bubbly Tuesday

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I have been volunteering my time down at the Friends of the Phoenix Library.  A non-profit organization who collects donated books to resell and recycle in order to raise money for the library systems in Arizona.  I love books, all kinds of books.  It could be because my family owns a bookstore in my hometown so growing up books were a major part of my childhood.  These days ebooks, kindles, books on tape are all very popular and as much as I love technology there seems to be something about the smell of a hardback book.  Each time a person volunteers at The Friends of the Phoenix Library, you are able to take 5 books home with you.  Distressed books that are not able to be sold, but none the less 5 books.  What gems I found!! I was so excited.  Two vintage coffee table books on fashion and the hardback version of "What Would Jackie Do?" (a woman's guide to living in style such as Jackie O.) I am such a lucky girl to have found these gems in old pins no one wanted! I guess it is true, one persons trash is another persons treasure! Happy Bubbly Tuesday Friends! 

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