spring accessories.

As the seasons change from Spring into Summer, and yes in Arizona it is summer now (I believe 105 temp qualifies) I decided to take a trip down memory lane on my fav fashion accessories. 

New handbags of the spring included: neon clutch, Mr. Steve Madden himself, and of course the fabulous THEIT camera bag!
Necklaces, bracelets, and watches were paired with almost every single outfit.  Newest obsession the arm swag! I am fairly sure everyone enjoys that trend!
How can we forget about the SHOES!!! Wearing Hunters in AZ...why not? of course the neon jumped in again as a nice splash of color to the outfit, then there is wedges. Wedges will follow me onto summer most def!!

Bring in on summer!! I am looking forward to swim, tans, highlights, and beach bags.  So what were some of your favorite trends for spring?!

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