Bubbly Tuesday!

dress: Hurley, shoes: Steve Madden

Happy Bubbly Tuesday! So you see that first picture? Yes, issues my friends, issues.  I tried to blow a bubble for, oh I don't know..... 30 minutes!! My jaw was not even working at the end and the result... NO BUBBLE!!! What the heck? I have never had this issue,  I mean yes,  yes there has been times where it has been difficult to blow bubbles but never to this extent!! ANYWAYS,  like my new shoes? I am obsessing over my them.  Steve Madden you did an amazing job creating these I don't think I will take them off! I have been inspired to go to the beach lately.  I feel like running through the sand, sea salt in my hair, and getting a tan (with out cactus around me!) I will be day dreaming all day about where I should go on my fantasy vacation! Enjoy your Tuesday loves!

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