messy hair

jeans: William Rast, t-shirt & jewls: forever21, blouse: Nordstrom, Watch: MK,  lip stick: Dior (fireworks)

Oh Hey Little Bloggies,  Happy Friday to you! Another week has come and gone, we are getting closer and closer to July my fav. month!!! Only because it is my Birthday month, ohhh and the weather is hot! Ok, I am needing some help here people.  I have been trying to grow my hair long for years.  It is long, but I want loooong.  Beautiful, long, thick, blonde hair.  My hair dresser told me to NOT wash it daily.  At first I had a mini freak out, not wash my hair daily? Gross! I work out, sweat, run my oily hands through it how can I not wash it? I have tried to become creative with different styles to keep from washing it.  Lately the bun has been workin for me.  Now I know the oh so popular sock bun is amazing, however I seem to be challenged and not able to pull it off, so I'm trying my best without it.  So tell me ladies, what do you do with your hair on day 2 or 3 of not washing? How do you keep it looking fabulous? give me ideas! give me ideas!!! 

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