PCH part 2

Day 2 of the road trip, from LA up to SF was one of the longest, most beautiful day I have experienced in my life.  When I google mapped how long it would take to get from one city to the other, it estimated 6.5 hours.  Not to shabby right? taking HWY 1,  I estimated an additional 2 hours, at most it would take 9 hours.  Well, my friends,  I was wrong! It took us 13 hours to drive from Manhattan Beach to San Fran.  If we were not meeting a bunch of friends in SF, we could have taken forever to do the trip, unfortunately we had a bunch of friends waiting our arrival. Note to self, take 2 days to drive LA to SF next time!!!

Enjoy the photos!!

I was really excited to be driving through a cloud!!!

Most amazing sea cliffs!

you were able to hike down the side of the cliff to the Ocean.  I literally had to pull Nick away, we unfortunately just didn't have enough time :(

 San Fran here we come!!!

More photos of San Francisco and on into Sacramento comes tomorrow!!!

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