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Let me introduce to you Kevin & Tara.  Tara and I met last year at the local farmers market in town.  She was selling the cutest flower headbands that caught my attention.  We exchanged cards and starting email each other right off the bat. I took family photos of Tara and her two little boys last October.  The session was so fun, the boys are the cutest and the in the hour and a half we spent together I knew Tara had something special about her.  Tara explained to me that she had been through a tough time in the past 3 years. She opened up to me a story I will never forget.  When she was pregnant with her second son, she, her husband, and their oldest boy were driving along a Portland freeway when they noticed someone had gotten a flat tire on the side of the road.  Her husband jumped out to help, and in a turn of horrible events ended up getting hit by a car and passing away right in front of her.  The nightmare I don't think I could ever wrap my head around.  I stared at her, wondering how she has made it through the days since the accident happened. She was so positive, while my heart aching of saddest. Tara then told me she had recently started dating someone new and he was special, she just had the feeling.  8 months later,  I had the honor of photographing Tara and Kevin's wedding. I guess he really was someone special. Someone sent to this beautiful family to be a husband and a dad! The wedding was small and intimate, and absolutely perfect! Congrats to the newlyweds, I hope nothing but happiness for you two!

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