making friends in trees

dress:F21, shirt: LA fashion district, watch:MK, necklaces:Nordstrom

While I was driving out to my cousins house the other day I could feel something crawling on my side. I was wearing shorts and a tee with my fab new b suit underneath (we were going swimming!) so I could really feel something crawling on me. Now last week I was driving around town when I saw a spider making his way across my dashboard, I FREAKED out! I strongly dislike spiders!!!! I grabbed my softball glove and started frantically hitting the spider on the dashboard. A psycho girl driving in a small town, having a panic attack over a spider! Are you visioning this?? OK, so you are now seeing the scene flash before my eyes when I feel something crawling! I look down, and to my worst nightmare I see a creature crawling on me! The panic takes over, clothes start coming off, high pitched screams for help coming from deep inside all while driving. I have to pull over like right now, pull overrrrrr.  I pull to the side of the road, jump out of the car jumping up and down! SMASH! got it! Another spider in my car. I call my mom in tears, the spiders are coming from the large tree that hangs over my car at home. She is laughing because this has happened to her before which is why I now park under the tree.  I guess thats what I get for living rent fee this summer!

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