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Happy Thursdays love bugs! I am super excited to have the lovely Shane from Whispering Sweet Nothings guest posting! Shane is just the sweetest and so full of personality. Enjoy!
Hello loyal classic & bubbly readers! Boy do I have a treat for you today.  Oh yes, introductions. That's me, Shane,  down there.
I write over at Whispering Sweet Nothings & craft jewelry at WhisperingSweetly. Please pop by and introduce yourself, I love new visitors :)Now on to the good stuff. Ten Reasons it's perfectly okay to be Single
10. You can take time for you.
While in a relationship, you have another set of needs to fill. It becomes tempting to put your own aside for your partner’s. When single, however, you are able to concentrate solely on yourself. You are given the gift of selfishness, and can answer to your every whim without feeling neglectful. Take this time to really listen to yourself, rejuvenate, and find what you are truly passionate about.
9. More time with friends
We all need our quality girl time, right?  You get to enjoy this without feeling guilty of leaving your poor man at home.  With that, you are given the freedom to meet new people and not having to check his plans before making your own.
8. You can flaunt those bad habits  
Go ahead and indulge in your guilty pleasures! If you prefer pizza for breakfast and cereal for dinner, go for it!  This is one of the biggest reasons I love single life, I can eat what I want, when I want, and not answer any judgmental questions.
We’re all human and we all have our fair share of flaws. But that does not mean we want the whole world knowing it.  When dating, whether consciously or not, a lot of energy is wasted on covering up our imperfections.  We should embrace the things that make us unique.
So go ahead, leave those dishes in the sink, go to bed without washing your face, leave your dirty laundry on the floor, lounge in sweatpants all day long and forget about making your bed in the morning.
7. Flirting is fun!
I love the thrill of the chase, making eye contact and fluttering my lashes at a handsome stranger on the train, in line at the shop, wherever! It’s fun to see how many smiles and appreciative stares I can get on an afternoon when I’m feeling on top of my game.   A bonus: You can experience that giddy first-date feeling over and over again.
6. Far less Facebook drama
I can’t even begin to tell you how much Facebook (and real-life) drama there is when you’re in a couple. Your ex’s. His ex’s. Your mutual friends. All of your own little lover’s quarrels. Enjoy the calmness and simplicity of single life with far less drama!
5. You don’t have a “side” of the bed
It’s all yours! To lay spread eagle, curl up, or whatever you please. My queen-sized bed is mine, unless I choose to share it. Most nights, I spread out, arms and legs tangled in the sheets, one end to the other, and I use all of the pillows. Hooray for not sharing my bed with a snoring man!
4. It’s okay to skip a day of shaving
Or two, or three, or hey why not a week?  Listen, if I’m extra-sleepy, or just feeling lazy, I don’t have to take the extra ten minutes in the morning to shave my legs.
3. The money is all yours
You worked hard for it, you deserve it. When you get married, you have to work out the logistics of sharing with someone, and sometimes that leads to uncomfortable situations. Be sure to budget wisely in your financial independence.
2. The allure of the future
Singles can take pleasure in the thrill that comes with not knowing what the future brings.  You don’t have to feel held back from pursuing your dreams and can feel free to take opportunities as they come.
1. You don’t have to rely on someone else for your happiness and sense of self-worth
By far the most important. Embrace your independence. You don’t need a man,  so strut your stuff and show us what you’re made of!


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