I can not see my floor.

dress: Tory Burch, necklace c/o Glam Grab, wedges: Madden Girl

Happy Friday loves!! Thanks for all the support in the Feral Watch giveaway yesterday, it is still on for the next 6 days so make sure you enter! I went and watched my cousin and some of my friends play softball the other day. As I was there I was talking to Kim (who I absolutely adore!!) Kim and I met last summer and I was obsessed with her instantly....not in a creepy way, promise! Anyways Kim is beautiful, I mean beautiful! You can actually check out her photos HERE that I posted of her and her handsome man last winter. OK, back to my point. Kim was talking about my wardrobe and making a joke she said, do you have so many clothes you have to keep them in boxes or in your walk-in closet that big? Inside I was laughing to myself, little does she know (ok, well she will after reading this) that my clothes are spread all over my bedroom floor. I am not dirty, I am messy. Clothes messy!! For some reason I just can not seem to put my clothes back where they belong. Does anyone else have this issue? It drives my boyfriend nuts, when I sleep at his house he nicely fold MY clothes and puts them in a neat pile since I seem to not know how.  So let me ask you, who else has this issue and how do I solve it?
I must overcome this habit of mine!!!


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