mascara, lip gloss, and a camera

Canon Rebel, 50mm f1.4: 1/30 @ 3.5f
The other day I had some extra time on my hands ( i should have been polishing my nails as you can tell in these photos) BUT instead I sat in front of a mirror and did some self portraits. With a little mascara and lip gloss I decided to do some self reflection.....turned into more of a funny face kind of session, serious face doesn't suit me well.  It is hard for me to sit down and ponder my thoughts, does anyone else experience that? Usually I do self reflecting/pondering when I go for my runs, however that time usually turns into mentally telling myself I can keep running and running. I like to pretend I am Katniss in the hunger games!! SO let me ask you, how do you self reflect? Any tips I could follow?

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