Olympic wrap-up

I must say, I am slightly unsure what I am supposed to do this morning. I have no Olympics to watch :( As you can probably tell from my posts these past 2 weeks, the olympics is probably my most favorite sporting event ever. I t-vo all that I can't be home to watch, which is only when I am forced to leave my house. I spent the majority of the past two weeks being anti social on the couch watching my fav runners, swimmers, gymnasts, speed walkers, you name it! So lets revisit some stand out moments of this years summer olympics shall we? Do I cheer for Canada or USA? my answer: since I am a naturally born Canadian I cheer for Canada if both countries are in the same event. Most of the time USA will win, but I like to give Canada that extra cheer. That said, in running events I cheer for Jamaica, Ethiopia, Kenya, ect. I feel they deserve the gold since the USA wins everything else. Medal count stands at: 1st: USA 104, 2nd: China: 88, 3rd: Great Britain: 65 and Canada pulls in at 38th with 18 medals. Happy moments of the Olympics... Michael Phelps winning most medals of any Olympian! Ryan Lochte being a babe, Usain Bolt winning the 100, 200, and 4x100 meter dashes, man that guy is fast! so happy for him and his bff Yohan Blake! USA breaking the womens 4x100 meter relay world record that has been held since 1980! Brent Hayden, Canadian swimmer getting the bronze in the 100 meter free style! However we al know in sports there are happy times and there are some tears as well. Yes, I actually did cry at least once a day whether it be happy or sad tears. Some sad tears went to The Canadian 4x100 meter relay who earned bronze, celebrated for 10 mins and then scores were adjusted and they were disqualified :( The German diver Stephan Feck who landed on his back, the Canadian women's soccer game against the USA, the mens USA swimming 4x100 relay who lost their gold to France. AH, I try to forget these memories since they still make me sad. Anyways, needless to say, I will now wait another 4 years to see the summer Olympics when they hit Rio de Janeiro in 2016! Until then, happy training athletes!


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