you betcha

shirt: F21 skirt: Elie Tahari, watch: MK, earrings:gifted

One of my favorite sayings I have picked up while spending the summer in Canada is... "you betcha!" It makes me giggle every time I hear it and people say it up here ALL THE TIME! To anything. Thank you... you betcha, is this yours? betcha, Can I move this?, betcha! Living in a small country town this summer has opened my eyes to much more than I imagined it would. As the scenery is beautiful, the lack of city life has been an adjustment. Although for my photography, country living is the best studio for amazing photos! Driving home at 8 o'clock at night and no one, and I mean no one is on the street....weird feeling. Everyone is snuggled at home with their families making dinner in their pinterest inspired homes. Spiders are still around, and although I have learnt to look out for them, they still catch me off guard every once in a while. Another fav, driving around town and recognizing at least once a day someone I know passing. I have only been here 4 months, I can only imagine people who have lived in Vernon their whole lives. All in all it has been a great summer, Canadian living!

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