ketchup and clamato

romper: F21 (seen here) Jacket: F21 (seen here) belt: random shoes: mom's

2 things I am going to miss about Canada. Ketchup Chips and Clamato juice! One good thing about driving home to Arizona.... I can take both with me. If you live in the states you are probably reading this saying what the heck are ketchup chips. LET ME TELL YOU! They are heaven. I am obsessed with ketchup chips and they are exactly what they sound like. Just like BBQ chips except the flavoring in ketchup. It is a Canadian thing and I get so sad with out them with in Arizona. Clam juice you ask? For all of you who drink bloddy mary's the Canadian version are caesars. Made with celery salt, clamato juice, vodka, and a lime. delicious! Ok blog world I am back to editing, sorry for the short post and lack of commenting.  I still love you all I just NEEEED to get this done. 

ps. do you see how long my hair is getting? I owe this all to you guys for the advice on dry shampoo, braids, and buns! love it!

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