weekend recap and an outfit

What a weekend! Labor Day is always the last way to wrap-up the summer. This weekend I had some good old fashion fun. Made some homemade breakfast with my mom, finished the fifty shades of Grey series (love love love) did a great DIY project. I got a little toddler rocking chair and refinished it as a photography prop!! ANNNND I attended the local carnival fair with my cousin and her boyfriend. The carnival is the best time of year...lucky me I get to also go to the Arizona State Fair in October as soon as I am home!! yipps, I love all the games, winning stuffed animals, and the rides. The fair here in Vernon also had a rodeo. I used to attend rodeos all the time as a child with my parents (Vernon is a country faming town) it was great to see it again. That was my weekend in a nutshell, how was yours?!

boots: LA fashion district, leggs & belt: F21, shirt: dynamite earrings c/o Taingamala  watch:MK

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