pink is the color

jeans: Paige Denim, shirt: Q, necklace: Etsy (Peter Pan), flats: Target

We are coming into the last few days of October and I bet you are asking yourself why I am in a tank blouse? As I see most of you blogging beauties are bundled in fabulous winter get-up, I am still living in 90+ degrees here in Arizona. As much has having mild winters is amazing, being a lover of long sleeves and boots makes it difficult to not want to be in a state where snow is almost on its way. Anywho love bugs enough about the weather, I got the newest People magazine the other day with none other than Mr. Timberlake and the nows Mrs. Timberlake in a P I N K wedding dress! Pink?! Now, after I got over the initial shock that Justin is off the market, I could not help but think to myself if I would sport the pink dress. I know in the blog industry we are all fashion forward so I wanted to get your thoughts. SO, what is the dress yay or nay?


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