therapy is photos

I wanted to talk about something personal today. I am not usually very good at putting my thoughts into words on paper but I will give it a shot. Some of you are aware that I struggle with anxiety badly. It started in 2009 and has progressively gotten worse as the years have passed. The year my anxiety started was just after graduating from college, my family move away from me in Arizona up to Canada, and I moved to Hollywood, California for a few months. At first I thought it was all the sudden changes in my life, but even after leaving California and coming back to Phoenix my anxiety stayed and even got worse. I have not seen any professional help for the anxiety because I am not one to take medicine (unless absolutely needed) so I needed to find other ways to handle this feeling. In 2010 I took up running. For all of your runners out there, you will know exactly what I am taking about when I say it changed my life. It really did. I would run and run and when finished I would feel like a whole new person. I started running half marathons but that took the fun out of things, and I was loosing too much weight so I had to split my therapy with running and something else. You guessed it, my photography! Not portraits, or paid sessions, or for my blog... MY photography just for me! It allows me to escape "real" life for a few hours and indulge into a creative stimulation that allows me to release all the tension and tight feeling in my chest. I haven't shared my photos in a while so I wanted to today. These are photos I took in an old barn at my grandfather house this past summer, I was waiting for the perfect time to share them, and today just seemed it. Maybe it was the anxiety I have been feeling since being back in Arizona, and I already ran once a day since being home so I am turning to photography to spice it up. 
Do any of you deal with a high case of anxiety? If so share what you do to help be your "therapy".

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