when it rains...

Today will be a different post than normal, biggest difference.... no photos! Eeeep, what you say? No photos? Yes, and let me to you why. So I have a Mac Book that I got 3 days before I graduated from college. I had a Dell and it crashed  right in the middle of finals, so I had to run down and buy a new computer to get through the last 3 days. So I bought my beloved Mac Book, it's pretty and white and oh just wonderful. Until now. Over the summer I have been having a few little lets say "issues" with my computer. I added more memory, I updated my software for my internet, new software for photo shop, anything I cold update I did. I mean after all this is my beloved Mac Book. Space has been limited, and with the more photos I add in RAW format the less and less space is being available for use. Issue #1: I can not add any more photos because my disk is full. Ok no worries Ill transfer a bunch to my external hard drive. Issue #2: My external hard drive is not appearing on my computer. a minute goes by, 2 minutes, 3... and a notification appears, you can view your hard drive but you can not add. WHAT! why? Ok, this is my computer what's wrong with it? I jump on and make an appointment with Apple and I rush down to see them.... here is the convo:
Apple Guy (AG): So uh how important is the information on this hard drive?
Stesha (S): Uh Very, How come?
AG: On a scale of 1-10 will you be ok with out it?
S: A million!! No I will not be ok, I am a blogger and a photographer this is my life!
AG: Okayyyy, well the hard drive is blown, you are going to want to get that info off of it ASAP! BUT you have no room on your computer so I am not sure what to tell you. Maybe buy a new hard drive and transfer it. 
S: breathing hard, ok fine. But what about my computer. My internet wont let me update my internet and it always says my disk is full
AG: Yeah, looks like you have a computer that is held together by band aids and you have started to bleed again. Its like driving a car that barely runs to California and then being stranded in another state by yourself. 
S: Are you telling me I need a new computer?
AG: I am 98% sure you will need a new computer to do any further activity
S: Awesome. Do you have a chair where I can sit down?
So I can not save a picture, edit a picture or take one off of my computer at the moment. I can not view my own website and pinterest wont allow me to fetch pins. I am heading to Apple at 10am today to purchase a new computer, then I will be heading to best buy to get a new external hard drive and then I will be sitting at home trying to save all my photos before the rain really starts to pours! Happy Monday blog world!

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