daily lunch

I finally did a recipe post! Working from home during the day I have been making wonderful lunches and dinner I just always forget to take pictures of it all! What blogger forgets to take pictures? I know, but recently me!  I have been making this lunch almost daily this week so I had to post it. A yummy, healthy lunch that fills me right up. 

what you'll need:
* whole wheat tortilla
* cucumber
* celery 
* baby tomato's
* feta cheese
* lemon cilantro hummus (from fresh & easy!)

I chop up the celery, cucumber, and tomatos and mix together. Add a bit of feta cheese (im not a huge cheese person so I just add a little) and mix all together. Then spread the hummus on one side of tortilla and add verggie mix. Roll up like a wrap and you are done! Super easy, super quick and very tasty!

Happy Weekend loves, see you Monday!!


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