the touch, the feel.....

pants: TJ MAXX, vest & shirt: F21, boots: Charlotte Russe, watch:MK
OF COTTON! I am hanging in a cotton field this weekend ya'll!! Happy Friday love bugs, I am suuuper excited for 2 things 1. my childhood BFF from Canada is coming today to spend a whole week with me! and 2. I get to photograph these beautiful cotton fields all weekend!!  Living in Arizona there are the five C's of the state. Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, and Climate. Now these date way back when so I am not too sure on how they play a part in Arizona's atmosphere but I do know 1. Copper mills were big back in the day and the pollution from the copper creates the most beautiful sunsets, Cattle - lots of cattle farms around? There are definitely Cotton fields everywhere which other than having soft clothes it is a photographers dream, and Climate.... Its always hotter than H E double hockey sticks in this state! I got a little excited with the editing on these photos, since it was for me and not a client. It's nice to take a break every once in a while and just let a creative mind take over. Happy Weekend, see you all Monday!!


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