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One thing girls obsess about is their hair! It is part of our daily routine and often can determine the way our day will go. Good hair days are much better than those bad hair days. A few months ago I was going through old photos from a few years ago and was saddened by the fact that my hair used to be much longer and healthier than it currently is.  I started to wonder why? From then on I have been experimenting with hair care procedures and what I can do to get long hair again. 

I have naturally sandy blonde/brown hair (I don't think that is a shock to anyone) but I love it when it is highlighted bright blonde. EVERYONE says if you want long hair you need to stop highlighting it! Not an option! Sorry just not. I knew I had to do something if I wanted my hair to grow past this awkward length. So I made a plan and started by letting my roots grow out. I extended my visit to my hair dresser for 10 weeks (I usually go over 6 or 7 weeks) when I went to see her I took an inspirational photo and told her for the winter season I want to go blonde ombre. Blonde ombre you ask? This is when you "root out" the top layer of your hair with a darker blonde (I went to my natural color) and naturally blend it in to the bottom layers. I also had her put a bright streak around my face to connect  it all together. This helped my issue of not frying off my hair by bleaching it, yet still keeping it blonde! Take a look....

As I look at these photos I realize it maybe a little difficult to tell because the lighting is so bright but you get the point!

Taking out the highlights is NOT the only way to keep healthy hair and grow it long, hair maintenance is a must! My hair was chopped short in the spring (note to self, never go to anyone but your hair dresser to have a hair cut!) and I was devastated. If I was going to have short hair my thoughts were it must be BLONDE! So I went ahead and got bleached highlights to be a blonde bombshell! Although I loved the color my hair was in major shock and breaking each time I ran a hair brush through it or put it in a pony tail. So hair maintenance came in full effect, here is how... 
Most of the damage done to your hair is after you step out of the shower. A leave in conditioner and a wide tooth combs are your bff when it comes to wet hair. I am obsessed with It's A 10 w/Keratin leave in conditioning spray. The line is wonderful and the leave in is something I freak-out when I run out of it. I refuse to wash my hair until I buy more (...good thing Ulta is right now the street) Using a wide tooth comb to comb through your delicate locks is a must. When I see girls take their brush and yank and pull harshly at their hair mine starts to hurt. ouch! Do Not Do That! 

The most important took you will ever use on your hair is your hair dryer! This is not the place to save pennies and use the one you stole from the hotel room last month. Let me introduce to you the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer by MISIKKO! This was sent to me as a trial and I am seriously so thankful because it changed my life! This is the best hair dryer I have ever used on my delicate bleached locks. If you can go without blow drying your hair that is ideal, however we all don't live in a world where that is possible. We must wake up, shower, and get out the door in the morning so using a hair dryer is a must. The quality of this dryer is beyond amazing. It has 3 heat settings, a low and a high stregth, and a cooling button that stays down so you don't have to hold it the entire time. Usually my hair feels brittle and dry after blow drying BUT not with this HANAair Professional Dryer my hair feels silky and soft. No ends breaking, no damage being caused. The cutest part of this dryer... it comes in the cutest box with a teddy bear, a new hair brush, roses, and a pretty pink case! I 

There you have it ladies! The trick to hair care maintenance! My hair has been nothing but healthy the past 2 months and I can see the length coming already. Hope these tips help if you are having struggles of your own.


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