Who wears socks on their feet anymore?!

Alright ladies, many have been asking and so here goes.... the famous sock bun tutorial! I know some times the tutorials can be difficult to follow so I am going to try and explain this as best as I can. I am hair challenged....not kidding, cha-alenged! I can put a curl in and a pony... other than that, not much is happening. When I discovered the sock bun I thought no way can my thin, blond hair pull this off. Not. Happening! WRONG!! I mastered the sock bun and you can too. Here is how.....

You will need: an old sock (if you have blond hair use a cream (not white) sock, if you have dark hair use a black sock!) a hair tie, hair spray, teasing brush, and hair brush. 
Step 1: Add volume to your hair. I have thin hair with layers so in order to have a "full" bun I spray my hair like crazy when its down. (best to add some curl to give texture!)
Step 2: Put hair in a tight high pony pulling the top to make sure the top of your hair is not stuck to your head. 
Step 3: Roll the sock and then pull it to the very top of your pony
Step 4: Roll and tuck hair under the sock. It becomes a mess but don't get frustrated! As your roll down, continue tucking your hair under the sock. Your hair will eventually spread evenly to cover the sock fully!
Step 5: Continue to roll until the bun is tight. No need for pins or anything to keep hair in place. Whether you have thin or thick hair, it will stay all by its self. Tug at the sides of your bun to ensure the hair cover all the sock!
Step 6: Add a little hair spray to keep all fly-aways down!

There you have it! The simple and easy sock bun. It is perfect for 3 day old hair in need of a wash, if you are going out to a fancy dinner in a cocktail dress, or if you are short on time and need an up do to get out of the door. Trust me on this, the sock bun works with any hair type and it's super simple!

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