behind closed doors

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I just cant seem to get off of WANELO lately. I have been playing with the idea of re-decoratig my office, bedroom, and intimate drawer. When I think of what I spend my $$ on, clothes, food, shoes all come to mind. Things people can see everyday, right? I mean that makes the most sense, I want to look presentable to the outside world therefor thats where most of my money goes. But what about what happens behind closed doors. When I come home at the end of the day and am enjoying my space around me. My office is not very pretty, this is my creative space and it is mostly a bunch of blank walls with a white desk and every once in a while fresh flowers. My bedroom is cute, I have purple tones in there currently, but maybe it could use a romantic face lift. I mean this is the place I dream and get my beauty sleep.... it should be beautiful right? Finally what does everyone lounge in when they are home after a long day? I cant tell you as I type this I am in an old tank top and sweat pants. I know not many people see your intimates, but you do, so why not make them stylish? I put together this list of wanelo's kind of as my dream board. How about all of you? What does your office, bedroom, intimate drawer look like?!?

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