a little snow melt with childhood memories

hear warmers: F21, sweater: Divas Boutique, gives: gift, watch: MK, heart bracelet: Tiffany's & co., cross bracelet: Derng

I got to spend this past weekend up in Canada with my family.... it was just awesome! A very close family friend turned 60 on Saturday so all the kids were home and it was one great family reunion!  There just seems to be something special about your childhood friends that no matter how long you go without seeing them it feels just as it was when you were 6 years old running through the house  and tackling each other.  Friends are the family we choose and in the case of this weekend I could not have asked to spend my time with any other "family"!! I also got the opportunity to take some beautiful photos, the snow was melting in the beautiful sunlight and the images came out breathtaking! Back at it for another week, hope everyones Monday is just fabulous!!


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