classic black + white

 shots, shirt, blazer, necklace: F21, shoes: H&M, hat: Target, bracelet c/o ShopCrystalFaye lips: Dior FireWorks, nails: OPI off Collins Ave. 

Usually I am all about color, I am the kind of girl that has a million multicolored socks that I could never possibly find a match to so I wear a green and pink together or a zebra and orange! There is just something about color in spring time that gets me excited, BUT this year I have been drawn to the classic black + white. It screams classy and looks fresh for the new upcoming season! The best part about black + white is that if you are still wanting to wear a few of your favorite items from winter you definitely can! Easily incorporate them with a new pair or shorts or hat and you can transform any outfit. If you notice I kept a little color on my lips and nails.... I mean I have to have a pop of color somewhere, right? 


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