soft pink + bold accessories

 pants, shirt, clutch: Marshall's // shoes: Aldo // earrings: Target // watch: MK // nail polish: Essie "Fiji"

Happy Tuesday!! I had the most productive day yesterday which obviously included shopping and painting my nails.... I mean thats productive according to women right?! I was instagram stalking one of my bff's while stretching after my morning run, when I saw she was sporting a fabulous white peplum top. Naturally I got on the phone and demanded she tell me where I can find such a beautiful thing....  I couldn't believe my ears, $12 from Marshall's? Ladies this is a must have, go get yourselves one! I decided to go with soft pinks, neutrals, + white for the outfit. Pastels + whites always scream Spring time, however I just felt the outfit needed a little more sass to it. I added the bold purple earrings + green clutch and tada it totally changed the look! 

Question for you ladies, how are we feeling about ombre hair? Still in-style or should I be making an appointment with my hairdresser for some bright blonde highlights?! I am having a hard time deciding give me your thoughts :)


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