truths about me

shoes: F21 // skirt: Elie Tahari // top: Target // purse: TJ MAXX // lips: Revlon Butter in Raspberry Pie

Yesterday my blogging BFF & twin for life tagged me in 5 truths on her fab blog LIBB. I have been talking about fashion & must haves for the past few weeks, that I thought I would take a break & talk about me today. I have many new followers (I am greatly thankful for!!) so maybe its time to share a little about Stesha today. 

+ Stesha is my full name. I get asked this questions almost daily, is Stesha short for anything? I was named after multiple arguments between my parents, my mom was convinced she was having a boy & dad was certain I would be a girl. My dad found Stesha in 2000 names for babies, it is the Russian form of Stephanie and has no other meaning behind it. & nope, neither myself or anyone in my family is Russian. 

+ I do not like melted cheese! gross! However, I am obsessed with quesadillas & pizza... weird right?! I understand this is strange to many people because most people I know love all kinds of cheese but I just think it's gross!

+ My favorite drink is H2O, (well & wine!) Very rarely do I drink anything other than water. I worked at a waterpark for the end of high school & all through college, being outside in the Arizona heat all summer for years I became obsessed with water. I don't drink coffee, juice once in a while but can't remember last time I bought it, soda when I go to Jimmy Johns or Jersey Mikes & other than that H2O all the way. I hate arrowhead, sick it tastes like yucky tap water! My fav, Fry's brand water bottles....literally can chug it within a minute!

+ I love watching Lifetime Movies during the day! Those creepy, scary, murder/teen scandal movies that have awful acting?? Yepp, those are them. I started this obsession last summer when I started working from home. I am a pro at finding them when they are on & I totally get into them, can't stop watching. As a matter of fact, I believe I will watch one today!

+ Blogging has changed my life in so many ways. I used to work at a boring desk job, all day everyday same old same old, & was bored out of my mind. When I started blogging I realized just how much of an impact it can have & I began to see all these bloggers becomes super successful in what they love to do. Reading the comments on my posts daily makes me feel so happy. You all have the sweetest things to say & I love reading each + every one of them. Blogging has open so many doors for me, most importantly it  gave me the push to start my photography business. When people ask what I do, I explain I own Stesha Jordan Photography + I am also a blogger. Their reaction, blogger? (raised eyebrow as if I am crazy) Yepp, blogger & I love it! So thank you to everyone who inspires me to blog everyday & takes a few minutes to read my posts. Love you all!

5 truths about Stesha for you today! Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the girl behind C&B. Happy Tuesday, make today bubbly!! ..... should Bubbly Tuesday come back for a visit? Anyone remember that link up I started way back at the beginning?!

I am tagging Meg, Brie, Alissa, Faith, & Morgan to keep the 5 truths going

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