Pearls & Pastries giveaway

Okay, I can not WAIT to tell you about this fabulous Etsy shop that I believe every girl MUST go to right now & buy everything. Okay maybe not everything, but if you did buy everything your house would be the cutest thing eveerrrr. Let me introduce you to Pearls & Pastries by Lauren Gray! The hanger above.... obsessed right? The art print of the bobby pins..... even more obsessed. These are the kind of sparkly items Pearls & Pastries has to offer. The best part is the packaging: confetti everywhere & super cute tissue paper with adorable little cards.... just perfect! Here is what Lauren has to say about why she started her shop:
"I started filling my Etsy shop with things that make my days a bit brighter; hoping that in turn it would brighten yours also! I love the little extras in life whether its the beautiful confetti sitting in a bowl on my desk or hanging a new dress on a stunning gold sequin hanger.. Each time I walk past all of the little treasures featured in my shops, it puts a smile on my face!

Every girl should have a little sparkle in their life.
Enjoy- Lauren"
One lucky reader is able to win $15 to Pearls & Pastries, & if you cant wait or you just want everything in the shop you code: BUBBLY15 for 15% off!! HEAD. OVER. RIGHT. NOW. & GET. YOUR. SPARKLE. ON!!

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