awkwardness of doing fashion posts

shoes: Badgley Mischka // skirt: Forever21 // shirt: Nordstrom Rack // watch: MK // clutch: Boutique on Melrose // earrings: Classic & Bubbly  // lips: NYX indie flick

One question I get asked all the time is, Who takes your pictures?! This is not a simple answer because it does change often. Recently it has been one special girl who has been apart of my life for many years. She is not a photographer, actually I am almost positive she has never picked up a camera in her life until I asked her to take my outfit photos for me. You can image her confusion when I handed her my camera which is half the size of her body! She put the neck strap on being careful not to drop it, and started pushing the big black button on top. I made her study photos from previous blog posts to make sure we have the right angles and spacing. Not too high above the head not too much room below the feet. (I have been told before that I am very difficult to take pics of, doesn't the model just usually stand there and not speak?! Good thing I am not a model!!) The first few times I can assume she thought I was a nut job posing and making myself laugh and turning side to side. I am pretty sure she still gets a little embarrassed when people walk by during a shoot. Any of you who do fashion post understand the awkwardness that is involved! Well it has been a few months now and she is fully comfortable behind the lens, she directs me, lets me know when my face is not cute (her words exactly: uhh no! do not make that face again!) she has even gotten creative with angles that I have not though of.  Remember THIS post? She rocked it that day for sure, I could not have been more proud!! She now even sends me inspirational outfit ideas! 

 So without further adieu let me introduce you to Adrienne.... 

flips flops: Old Navy // shorts & hat: Target // shirt: Forever21 // sunglasses: Coach

How cute is she?! She might murder me for posting this, I always test the coloring on the camera before I hand it over so she knows I take one or two of her standing there. Everyone say hi to Adrienne!! Thank you for being a great friend and understanding this blog world of fashion posts I live in!

ps. grab these earrings I am wearing from THE SHOP, they are only $8, I receive so many compliments on them. They also come in Neon Yellow, I just re-stocked them!

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