road trip

What you seem to learn on road trips:

+ Always make sure you have gas in your car and it stays above a quarter of a tank! I usually like to take my chances with gas trying to see just how far I can go on one tank, until this trip. I learned my lesson!! Imagine your gas light comes on & you are in the middle of nothing.... insert slight anxiety attack, turn off all AC, and pray to god a station will be coming soon!

+ Taking photos through your windshield is great, if only no bugs are smeared all over it because then you have a big dot in the middle of every pic!
+ Finding new apps like STATE FRAME is the perfect way to waste a little bit of time so those hours go by faster! Up loading to INSTAGRAM is great if you have service, if not it's very frustrating! 

+ Having a car charger for your iPhone is a must! 

+ Utah is amazingly beautiful! I always get this weird feeling that I am on a set right out of the movies. Salt Lake is probably one of my fav cities to date!
+ Meeting blogger friends along the way is the best feeling! I met Gentri for dinner at one of Utah's fav restaurants Costa Vida (which I didnt realize they had one on every corner!) we both had the pork salad & I was overly satisfied! We sat and chatted for over 3 hours, when we both got cold and realized it was almost 10:30pm. Sometimes you just click with someone! 

+ I stayed away from my Starbucks + stuck to red bull.  I am positive it is not any better for me, but I justified it anyways. 

+ I have never been to Idaho (thats not true, I drove through Coeur D'Alene last year) but have never been through more than 10 mins of Idaho. I was excited to see something new!

+ I have a slight obsession with Jimmy Johns. Seriously obsessed. I was craving JJ's the whole trip so I googled and found 1 JJ's in Boise. Eeeeek how exciting, my life is now complete! I also needed a BofA and a Target so this will be a great little stop. JJ's was right down on Capitol Street (which I didn't realize was in heart of downtown) but I didn't care I wanted it! I got my #6 and sat in the Capitol Park and enjoyed my little break from driving. 
 + The second I drove into Oregon it started raining.... go figure!

+ Speaking of Oregon, I always forget they pump your gas for you. Full service, I am not sure if it is the law or not but I always forget, then the attendant comes over and the situation just gets awkward!
+ Audiobooks are lifesavers on road trips! I have 4 or 5 books, all ranging from 5hrs-11hrs which is perfect to distract you from how long your butt has been sore for. 

+ This is not intended to offend anyone at all, however I always have the weirdest experiences in Washington. The people I run into are just not on the same page. Maybe it's the small remote towns I have been too, but something always happens where I want to pull my hair out!! 
+ Road trips in general are always an experience! They help you learn about yourself, others, clear your brain, make you no longer want to eat fast food or drink another red bull, usually you discover a new fav candy, and most importantly you have a million of the same pics on your iPhone! 

Bucket list for the summer: take a road trip!

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