Stesha Jordan Photography; NewBorn Session, Okanagan, BC

It has been a while, a long while since I have shared some of my photography with you all so I thought I would today! As most if not all of you know I am up in my hometown of Vernon, BC for the summer working away taking photo after photo. I mean the AZ heat of 115 is great, but no one wants sweat tripping down their face in all there photos! 
I had the pleasure of meeting this little cutie on Friday evening. Please meet Roan, a three week old little boy who is happier than can be. Roan did not want to sleep in his session, but he also didn't want to cry so it was a win win for everyone. We went down to the beach to snap a few pictures in the setting sun so his mom and dad can have memories to last a life time! 
Photographer: Stesha Jordan 

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