travel makes you richer

shorts, shirt, necklace: Forever21 // shoes: Charlotte Russe // lace crop: Victoria Secret 

As I sit here at 9:35 pm blogging my night away it is still day light in Vernon, BC! Although I seem to be eaten by bugs I am not minding this relaxing night none the less. There is something said about the quietness of a small town, some may think boring but if used in the right way definitely relaxing! Enjoying my big regular size glass of wine, I am inspired by the quant sounds of the tree's while really taking some time to reflect on my life. I want to travel! I came across the quote below last night, and nothing seems to be more true.  If I could make a living jumping from place to place I would be the happiest girl alive! You can find me brainstorming all summer on how I can make this happen, all opinions welcomes as well! 

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