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I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from the wedding I recently photographed. One of the main reasons I come to Canada for the summer, besides visiting my family, is to do photography. I was approach my Mike & Haylee early on in the spring to photograph their special day. They were referred to me by my sister & soon to be brother-in-law (my sis ties the knot Saturday!) so I was more than honored to be apart of their day. After many emails back & forth we finally met just before their wedding to discuss details. I could tell immediately these two were happily in love & that their love was not ordinary, it was definitely something special. On the big day Haylee was a nervous / excited /  emotional wreck! Emotions of tears ran from the beautiful bride's eyes all day while her groom just looked at her in awe as if he was starting at the most beautiful thing in the world. After the sappy I love you's & kissy photos we headed off to the bar where the couple met. Okay, I said that wrong they didn't meet in a bar, they both worked at the bar & while working they fell in love! So the bridal party all piled into cars & next thing we knew Haylee was on the bar top & everyone was taking shots! The happy couple looked at me as said, 'well, this is the real us!' It was a blast! Congratulations to Mike & Haylee, I wish you a lifetime of happiness! 

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