What I Wear When Photographing A Wedding

dress (here) c/o LuLu*s // shoes (here): Target // bracelets c/o InPink

I have received many emails asking me what I wear when photographing a wedding? It took me a few tries before I really got it right.... I didn't realize it would be so difficult! I need an outfit that is dressy and professional but not professional like job interview but not dressy trendy as if I was attending the wedding. I also had to take into consideration that I must be able to move (squat, lay flat, bend over) and not give everyone a show.  I also didn't want to stand out in the group...  after all I am not a guest I am working this event. I always try to find a solid darker outfit so I look nice but again not standing out, I always ALWAYS choose comfortable shoes. My days are usually 10-11 hours, heck no I am not wearing heels, flats is always the right choice!! This past weekend I wore the outfit pictured above, it worked great. The dress was long enough that I could move freely, the 3/4 sleeves allowed me to stay warm when the sun went down, and my leopard flats added the perfect amount of trend and comfort! The burgundy color was perfect for November where it looked appropriate and classy. 

I have stocked up on a few similar dresses from LuLu*s to get me through the rest of wedding season.  If you find something that works might as well stick with it right?! Any other photogs out there want to share what they wear to these events I am all ears. Later this month I'll be sharing how I dress for weekend sessions as well, so stay tuned!! 

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