Cashmere & Camo | Black + Nude with a touch of lace

dress  (HERE) c/o Cashmere & Camo // blazer + link bracelet: Forever21 // S bracelet: Nordstrom // shoes: Steve Madden // bag: Coach // lips: MAC liner 'hip n happy'

One of my favorite things about blogging is creating blog friendships. Sometimes you get to meet in real life and become "real life friends" and sometimes you just get to be friends through the virtual world. To all non bloggers this can seem a little weird, but to anyone who has blogging besties we all know its pretty awesome to develop these friendships. This past summer I had the please to meet in blog land (not real life) the fabulous Brandy from Cashmere & Camo! Another Canadian blogger located in Calgary Albert who has the most fabulous blog. After exchanging a few emails back and forth turns out Brandy and I grew up in the exact same town in British Columbia!! We are talking a town of 50,000 people + she attended the high school directly across from my house!!! Craziness how we have never crossed paths before. 

Okay enough about memory lane, more about Brandy and her fab Blog & Shop Cashmere & Camo! Brandy sent me this wonderful dress to style this winter and I was obsessed with it as soon as I opened the package! The nude + black are a perfect combination together, the lace detail is very elegant + the shoulders have padding. I think the picture say enough I dont need to ramble on anymore. 

Cashmere & Camo shop is just how it sounds, a great mix of casual country and class.  It is a perfect shop for anyone looking for the unique item that your wardrobe needs, and best of all it's Canadian! 

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