Chicago Cubs Spring Training

skirt (HERE) + earrings (HERE) c/o Le Tote // shirt (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) + bracelets: Forever21 // shoes (HERE) c/o LuLu*s // bag (SIMILAR): TJ MAXX // lips (HERE): Dior Fireworks 

I bet you read the title of this post & thought I would talk sports didn't ya?! Wrong! The Chicago Cubs (baseball!!) just built Wrigley Field West at the end of my street. Literally the end of the block. Today I I am going to share my top 5 reasons I love sports stadiums without actually watching or liking the sport.  Here goes:

1. Spring Training starts next week so for the past 3 weeks there has been baseball babes practicing at the end of my block. Talk about some serious eye candy as I turn down the street!

2. Chicago Cubs colors are red & blue which is a great color scheme for the background of outfit photos. (as pictured above!) I didn't even plan this matching I literally drove, because walking 500 ft in heels was not happening, and found that I matched the signs. Perfection! 

3. They built a beauuutiful park around the stadium! It includes a lake, walkways lined with palm trees, and green (actually green #azproblems) grass. I have found a new running route as well again as outfit photo location. 

4. The stadium seems to have events every so often. I know this because around sunset I can hear fireworks go off. I look out my patio doors and can see the whole show! Talk about new years all over again. 

5. Spring Training is the best social outing in Arizona for the entire month of March. You get to enjoy the 80 degree weather, have some adult beverages, and watch babes in tight pants while propped up with you bff's on the lawn. So pretty much what every other state experiences all summer Arizona gets for one month until we start to melt. 

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