Spring / Summer Nail Essentials

Something I love about Spring/Summer?! Correct answer would be the bright amazing colors of nail polish! I have a slight obsession with Essie (have tried other brands but Essie always comes out on top!)  each time I am at Target  I make my self avoid the nail polish isle. I am not the girl who pays for manicures, I used to get gel nails put on but I couldn't seem to keep from biting them so that didn't last long. While gel or acrylic nails are easy to maintain and always look amazing I just need the freedom to paint what color whenever I want!

While I have the patience of a 4 year old I invested in some key products to make my at home manicure  a little easier on me.  I love Revlon's little pink to-go manicure set. Comes with a file, buffer, clippers, and cuticle cutters. After a few minutes of cleaning I add Sally Hansen's Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil to soften up and moisturize my cuticles. 

I LOVE single nail polish remover pads. It may not be the most cost effective but I have a slight obsession with them. I always keep one in my purse just incase of emergency. My mom always told me nails should be perfectly painted or not painted at all! To help with chipping I SWEAR by Essie's No Chips Ahead top coat. I can go an entire week with no chips when using this top coat. Just remember to give yourself enough time to let your nails fully dry! 

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