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These past few weeks have been outstandingly busy for me.  Busy in a good way, however it has started to wear me down.  I had planned out all my weeks posts for this upcoming week, and Sunday night I just took a step back from running around like a chicken with my head cut off and threw my hands up and said I need a break. I found this quote on pinterest and it re-assured me that life does not always need to be a thousand miles a minute.  I have an extremely hectic up coming week and I do not want to give you, my loyal readers, crapy C&B posts! Not happening! So I have decided to take this week off from blogging, concentrate on getting caught up on everything else in life, so I can come back next week with FABULOUS material! Thank you for understanding. I will still be reading up on all your blogs, just not posting here! 

xx, -S

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