PCH travels.

So here's some big news for you,  I am going on a road trip! I recently just quit my 9-5 Monday through Friday job, and I am taking off in my little scion TC and driving the PCH up the coast until I get to Canada! As many of you know,  I am Canadian, yepp thats right the land of snow, hockey, and mountees! My entire family lives in a beautiful town in central BC which is where I will be spending the next few months.  I have many photography opportunities to take advantage of through the summer which will keep me on my toes!

I leave Arizona and head to LA, spending the night in LA after I complete an engagement shoot.  Then off to San Fran where I will be meeting friends to attend the Union Street Festival! After  party weekend in SF, I will jump on the road again and head up to Portland! I have never been to Portland so I am beyond excited. My final day will be from Portland to Vancouver, BC! I will spend a day or two in Vancouver due to another engagement session that I have booked! My final destination is, Vernon, British Columbia! My favorite place in the world! 

I feel like a free spirit flying through the air with nothing in my way.  I am more than excited to take advantage of this opportunity and will be sharing it with you along the way! If you are located in any of the cities I have mentioned,  I would love to meet for ice cream and have a little blogger meet up! Also, I have had inquires about doing photography sessions along the way.  If you are wanting a session with me,  I am offering a special for bloggers only! one hour session, 10 photos for $80!

I am beyond excited for this trip, yet a bit nervous! So tell me, who has done a major road trip before? Where did you go and what did you do to entertain yourselves?! 

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