mix & match


There seems to be a lot of mixing and matching of patterns going on out there this summer, and I must say I am absolutely loving it! I think many times, as we are putting together an outfit, hesitation on what "goes" together and what doesn't runs through our minds.  The rules, no navy and black, no gold and silver, no polka dots and stripes..... all these rules can be thrown right. out. that. window.  I believe now more than ever mixing and matching patterns is more fabulous the crazier you get with it.  Above are more photos from the fashion shoot I did of Ashley (you can see last weeks here!).  I feel  IN LOVE with that beautiful red floral print.  It is the perfect mixture of casual yet classy summer attire that can be dressed up or dressed down.  Mixing the blue polka dot headband with the red floral print, adds a contrast unique to Ashley's style. She pulls it off well! Get crazy this summer and mix and match some pieces to an outfit that you normally might not!


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