reaching your dreams

shorts: Hollister, shirt: F21, hat: Target, watch: c/o Feral Watches

Notice how it looks like I am wearing an eye patch in these photos? Make me giggle a few times over.  I guess I really did turn into a pirate these past few days on the lake. Argh! As most of you know I quit my full time job in Arizona in May to pursue my photography career full time starting up in British Columbia, Canada.  My family lives in the small town of Vernon, BC where I have developed a clientele so I decided to spend 4 months here this summer doing work. I know it looks like all I do is play but that is not true my friends, visit my site Stesha Jordan Photography to see just how hard I have been working!  I mean with landscape like the one behind me, it seems difficult to take a bad picture ;) Many people ask if I was scared, or what made me decide to do photography full time? I always take a step back and think to myself, well.... I guess it was the fact that it was something I really wanted and I needed to make it happen. Was I scared? OF COURSE! who wouldn't be? but at the end of the day, if your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough. So if anyone is thinking of pursuing their dreams, take the leap of faith and jump head first! I promise you will succeed! 
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