Sedona weekend.

Last night I got home from a long day around 5:00pm and was determined to sit down and catch up on all the blogging I had missed from the weekend.  I grabbed a glass of skinny girl wine, pulled a blanket up over my legs and opening my lap top.  I need to read everyones posts, and better yet get my pictures from my fun Sedona weekend up! At approximately 5:33 the power flickers. I look outside, I knew a storm was coming in but never did it cross me it would be so bad to affect the power. My mom is in the kitchen, she runs through to the living room..."make sure the olympics are being recorded incase we loose power!" I stare at her, Mom if we loose power nothing works ever the DVR. haha, yes it hits her. And then the lights flickers again and this time the power goes out completely. No power at all. Lucky for us Canadians, it stays light till about 9:30, so we grabbed our books and headed outside and curled up reading. I almost finished the first 50 shades! yipps! The power is off until about 12:00am this morning. All my blogging out the window :( What an eventful night!!

But I now have my pictures up and ready for you! Here is a weekend recap of my time in Arizona.

landed in Arizona at about 12:00pm on Thursday, and while Nick had to go back to work, I went to the Nordstrom anniversary sale! We drove up to Sedona on Friday morning and went for a beautiful 6 mile hike.  We played in the creek, hiked the red rock, and were just silly! We stayed at the Hilton Resort & Spa. It was beautiful and quant. We had a delicious dinner over looking Bell Rock and drank 5 dollar martinis! The next day we walked around looking at beautiful art galleries and shops. Had lunch at Oak Creek Brewery where I got to taste all 7 beers! It was truly a great and relaxing weekend.  Thank you Nick for the best birthday present!

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