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I am super excited to introduce you to one of my newly discovered favorite etsy shops! I have totally been lusting over cute stationary, cards, gift tags, prints ect.  You are going to get the chance today to win a $20 gift certificate to this amazing shop. Let me introduce to you, Piper's Place.....

"Piper's Place was started as a side project while I was still at the Fashion Institute finishing my degree. I wanted to practice my Illustrator and Photoshop skills and remember everything I had learned in school and at the same time start a small business that I could manage while I was finishing up my degree. The concept for my shop is to create beautiful products while leaving the lowest footprint possible, that's why our products are shipped digitally. This means there is no packaging materials used to ship the products and no delivery vehicles or gas need to be used. Since the customer prints the product themselves, they get to choose their paper (which can be a sustainable choice) and they can print at local print shops, which promotes shopping locally. All together, this creates a healthier, more sustainable environment.  Many people ask me about the name Piper's Place and why everything in the shop is signed Piper and Jamie. Piper is the name of my 1-year-old cat who I adopted last year. She is full of energy and life and is always around to help out with the latest project"

business cards
scrapbook paper, card boxes, cupcake wrapping
love map

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