birds who sing

shoes: Chuck Taylors, dress: F21 (also here) sweater: Banana Republic, hat: Target (also here & here)

Wednesday night I could not sleep at all. You know those nights where you are trying to get comfy, cuddled in under the covers, window open for fresh air...ahhh sleep. Then it starts, your arm gets an itch, then your leg now gets an itch, now you have to pee. Ok back to bed! Now your arm falls asleep, you start to get a head ache and it goes on and on and on. This was Wednesday night for me, I wanted to cry. I was so tired and I could not sleep to save my life. I finally moved the the couch and that must have worked because I slept for a little until the birds started to sing outside at the late hour of 5AM! Have you ever listened to birds sing? I used to think they were speaking to one another but I think they just sing to themselves. (yes, I had time to study their singing while I was desperately trying to go back to sleep) Maybe the lack of sleep explains the sillyness of these photos?

Happy Weekend,
love S

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