I used to get gel manicures all the time, and absolutely loved them. I have very weak nails that are always splitting or I am biting them off so I thought gel manicures would do the trick to save them. And for the most part they did! Then I realized I could be doing a whole bunch more with that 60 dollars a month so I made the decision to stop getting gel manicures and start DIY -ing my nails. Thats when I turned to butter! Yes a little pricy at $14 a bottle but let. me. tell. you..... totally worth it! I paint my nails every few days to keep them fresh and no chips which is fun because I always get to change up the color! Nordstrom is now presenting butter's holiday collection (as seen above) so if you are looking for fun colors to spruce up your holiday attire I highly recommend purchasing a fab color :) Now don't mind me, I am off to paint my nails!


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