heart vs. head

I am in the middle of a war. Yes, WAR! Not guns and killing type war although at times it feels like that. But a war between my heart and my head. Has this kind of war ever happened to anyone? I am almost positive that answer is yes, I know I can't possibly be all by myself on this one. It's like they don't connect at all. The string that connects my heartbeat to my brain has been frayed... it seems as though it's not able to send any kind of signal. How do you come to peace with this type of war? Who wins? Is there a right and wrong in this situation? These questions run through my head every day and finding the answer just seems almost impossible. Maybe it is a decision you have to make an individual, just pick one and run with it. Let's say I follow my head, I mean I am a pretty smart girl and common sense should kick in. I tell myself what I want to feel everyday and eventually after time I do start to feel it? Then my head wins, but what if my heart decides it really doesn't want to follow. Does that pain in my heart ever heal up and jump on board with my bossy brain? Let's say for argument sake, I choose to not use my brain and I follow my heart. I am a right brained person as it is; full of passion, creative and of course emotional. I decide to follow my heart (which is usually the way I go) and I do what makes my heart happy. Does my brain follow along as well? Will my common sense and what I think is the "right" thing to do start to understand my passionate heart and they become at peace finally? I feel this way about a couple of things in my life right now. Taking risks has been something that seems to not scare me as much as it used too, and taking these risks has lead me to new things in life and it has also lead me back to what I have known but been scared to go back. Maybe while I am working on being selfish I could work on putting the war between my brain and my heart at piece! 

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