A canon girl

Finding out exactly who you are is probably one of the most difficult things a person can do. Whether you discover it early in your life or if it is something that is missing until later, becoming an individual is not easy. For 2012 my new years resolution was to not plan. I used to plan out everything, for what I was doing each day of the week, to what will happen on every holiday, to whom I was going to marry and when, I planned everything! I met my resolution in 2012, I did whatever I wanted and tried to not pan anything... except the essentials, but some things you need to have a little bit of a plan for. I figured if I didn't plan then I couldn't be disappointed or at least not as devastated when something did not go right according to what I wanted. In 2013 my new yeas resolution was to be selfish by putting all my energy into my own life. Be totally happy by. my. self! I can do it! I want my business to take off (which has been much more work than I could have ever imagined), I want to pay off my credit card, and I want to buy a plane ticket somewhere I have never been. What do you think, doable? I think so! I am not sure I have ever taken a full year to concentrate solely on myself. Don't get me wrong if the right person comes along I may allow them in, however they will have to only bring positive things my way. Selfish? I know, but this year it's just me and my camera! Have any of you taken the time to be selfish? Did it change how you looked at yourself and your view on life? Share Share Share, I wanna know how you all have found yourself!!

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