Stesha Jordan Photography & Dual Vanity - Boudoir Team

Hello my wonderful friends.... oh how I have missed you!! I mean really have missed you. I can't wait to share with you what I have been up too these past few weeks since Christmas. Photography has been crazy busy with lots of new projects one being the video below!! Please take a look and tell me what you think. My good friend Kyle with Amore Films (one of the best wedding videographers I have come across) put this video together for my Valentines Day photography campaign! If any of you Arizonians are looking for a gift for your man this Valentines season I have just a few posts open!! 

Take a look....


After the video was released on Facebook the next day I got a call from ABC who wanted to run a segment on the video on their show called Right This Minute! I was in shock, really ABC wants to run a segment on my photography? Yes please! Wow,  I was honored. You can see the segment by clicking on the link below!


Needless to say I have been super busy lately but that is no excuse! I have been missing so much from you lovely ladies and I can not wait to catch up and read about how wonderful 2013 has been to you all!

Ok, this has to be all for today.  I promise to be back tomorrow and the day after :) Happy Tuesday Loves!


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