Inspired by Me

Recently I have been having some internal struggles. Being so busy with photography I have not been giving my blog my full attention, which is okay at times but I started blogging as a creative outlet and I want to make sure I keep it that way! Starting a blog was something I never thought I would ever do, and honestly I didn't know a thing about blogging until my good friend Ashley from The Shine Project sat me down one day and asked what I did for myself. My answer... I am not sure, nothing I guess! What! Nothing? She was not happy with that answer. I had just broken up with my on and off again boyfriend, again and was in a dark place.  I felt everything I was doing outside of my Monday to Friday job was for him. I didn't think about myself at all, I just thought about being with him. When he left, I was beyond lost, had no passion for anything, no hobbies, nothing that was extra to my day. Ashley asked what I wanted my career to be for the long run? I want to either be a Photographer and do portraits or I want to open my own boutique. So, I picked up a camera and I started taking pictures. A picture a day, everyday! Inset Classic & Bubbly as a title and I got my blog up and running. Best decision I have ever made in my post college life and has been the only stable thing in the past year and a half. It has aways been MINE! All about me and my life and something that no one can take a way from me. 
I am sure some of you ladies can relate to people (other females) who are not familiar with blog life. We have heard them say: they just write about themselves, do they really think their life is that great that people want to read about them, who take pictures of themselves all the time? We have all heard it, and usually I laugh it off. If you think blogging is silly then don't read mine! Or if it's so silly why are you talking about it? Then the best comes, those people who, for politeness I'll use the words, freakin haters "don't understand" blogs now start their own. Oh Really?? Funny how the tables have turned. 
This has happened to me a few times in the past 6 months and all I want to say is, if anyone who has read Classic & Bubbly and have started their own blog, either because you think blogging is creative and an outlet or if you are the opposite and think blogging is silly and you're making fun of it... I am happy I inspired you!

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